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GEWA E-Drum Cymbal Hi-hat Pad
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GEWA E-Drum Cymbal Hi-hat Pad

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  • Made in Germany
  • E-Drum Hi-hat pad complete
  • 3 zones (Bow, Bell, Edge)
  • Measurements and weight based on Paiste 2002 series
  • 6.3 mm stereo jack input
  • Incl. adapter for hi-hat stand
  • Incl. clutch
  • 3-Zones compatible with most 1-channel or 2-channel systems
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At its core, it's all about quality.

To ensure that we can meet this demand at all times and without compromise, we develop and manufacture GEWA Made in Germany instruments at our premises.

In Germany. In Saxony.

The upper class of our instruments, which are primarily aimed at professional musicians, are designed and developed on site by our teams of experts and manufactured by qualified specialists. Here, ultra-modern production, according to the latest standards, meets traditional craftsmanship in instrument manufacture. The best of both worlds.

In the field of electronic musical instruments, such as our innovative e-drums and digital pianos, the GEWA development department is supported here, in the so-called 'Silicon Saxony', by a network of renowned technology companies from areas such as mobility, space travel, biotechnology and IT. Together with our partners, we research and develop the technology of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

At GEWA Made in Germany, visions become reality.

Loving craftsmanship at the highest level is what our workshops in the Vogtland region of Saxony stand for. Here, masterful string instruments and award-winning instrument cases, among other things, have been developed and manufactured for decades.

At GEWA Made in Germany, tradition becomes the present.

GEWA Made in Germany - at the core, it's all about quality.