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Gretsch Stick bag
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Gretsch Stick bag

  • Deluxe drum stick bag
  • Exterior from robust nylon
  • Extra padding
  • Three inner pockets for drum sticks
  • Separate exterior pocket with velcro fastener
  • With handle and shoulder strap
  • Two hooks for hanging on tension rods
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Here, die-hard Gretsch fans will find practical and stylish additions for their beloved drum kits.

High-quality REMO® heads for snare, toms and bass drum.

Sturdy cases for drums, cymbals, hardware and sticks.

Practice pads for an authentic feel when practising at home or on the road.

That Great Gretsch Sound. That Great Gretsch Look.

Gretsch Accessories.

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GRETSCH DRUMS are legendary and innovative at the same time; GRETSCH is responsible for numerous developments that have played and continue to play a significant role in the construction of modern drumsets.

The top American brand offers the right drum set for every target group: beginner or professional, jazz or rock, live or studio, modern or traditional.

The company's 135-year history began in 1883 in the Brooklyn borough of New York. From here on, GRETSCH advanced to become a pioneer in the development and manufacture of percussion instruments until the 1950s and 1960s. And even today, the hype around "That Great Gretsch Sound" is unbroken, which is clearly reflected in the diversity of users on the world's stages.