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  • 10" Direct Touch Interface (1280x800px TFT Display)
  • 128 GB internal memory / 4 GB Flash memory
  • 40 Drum kit Presets + any number of User Presets
  • 901 Instrument sounds
  • Up to 1000 individual samples per instrument (incl. Rim-Sound and Ambient Samples)
  • High-resolution Multi-Layer samples, recorded at the Berliner Funkhaus Studios with up to it 100 sound layers and 5 round robin sounds per velocity layer
  • 3D Sonic Image - high-resolution samples for a realistic room sound
  • WiFi module to install software updates or download additional sounds from the GEWA Cloud
  • Bluetooth Audio to stream music from your mobile device
  • 100 WAV or 100 Multi-Layer Samples import (Length: 320 Mono, 160 Stereo)
  • Quick Record (Realtime, .WAV Recorder)
  • Different effects e.g.:
  • Pad compressor: fully parametric 3-Band EQ for each individual pad
  • Output compressor
  • 4-Band fully parametric EQ for each output
  • 12 different reverb effects
  • 9 different multi-effects
  • In-/Outputs:
  • Trigger Inputs: 14x 6.3 mm jack plugs (fully compatible with pads from other manufacturers)
  • Monitor Out: 2x 6.3 mm jack plugs
  • Master Out: Balanced XLR
  • SPDIF (Stereo) 48 kHz
  • Direct Out: 8x 6.3 mm jack plugs
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm jack plug
  • Mix in: 6.3 mm jack plug
  • MIDI (IN, OUT/THROUGH) Outputs
  • USB Midi (for example, for using VST plugins) + USB Audio (2 IN/ 8 OUT - fully compatible without additional drivers)
  • Footswitch: 1x jack (2 channel)
GEWA item number:

The G9 series is the upper class of GEWA digital drums.

With its sophisticated design and professional features, it meets the highest demands in terms of look, sound and feel.

The heart of this series is the groundbreaking G9 workstation, whose stable 10" touch display allows intuitive and easy operation of all functions, such as sound selection, set editing and the pro audio recording tools. The internal multi-chip architecture guarantees outstanding performance, and the integrated Bluetooth and Wifi function means you are always securely connected.

The pre-installed library of high-resolution samples has something for every taste and can be expanded at any time via the constantly growing GEWA Soundstore.

REMO® True Rebound Mesh Heads, specially developed for this series, provide an incomparably natural playability that has never been seen before in the electric drum sector. The heads sit either on space-saving trigger pads or on full-size shells in walnut or carbon look, which give you the feeling of sitting at a real drum set.

Cymbals that feel like cymbals, that sound like cymbals, that vibrate like cymbals.

The revolutionary cymbal pads of the GEWA G9 drum sets are modelled on the legendary Paiste 2002 cymbals in terms of size and weight.

Never before have e-drums felt so real.

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At its core, it's all about quality.

To ensure that we can meet this demand at all times and without compromise, we develop and manufacture GEWA Made in Germany instruments at our premises.

In Germany. In Saxony.

The upper class of our instruments, which are primarily aimed at professional musicians, are designed and developed on site by our teams of experts and manufactured by qualified specialists. Here, ultra-modern production, according to the latest standards, meets traditional craftsmanship in instrument manufacture. The best of both worlds.

In the field of electronic musical instruments, such as our innovative e-drums and digital pianos, the GEWA development department is supported here, in the so-called 'Silicon Saxony', by a network of renowned technology companies from areas such as mobility, space travel, biotechnology and IT. Together with our partners, we research and develop the technology of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

At GEWA Made in Germany, visions become reality.

Loving craftsmanship at the highest level is what our workshops in the Vogtland region of Saxony stand for. Here, masterful string instruments and award-winning instrument cases, among other things, have been developed and manufactured for decades.

At GEWA Made in Germany, tradition becomes the present.

GEWA Made in Germany - at the core, it's all about quality.